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Kasho was featured in her local Okinawa newspaper as the story of her taking a grand master title at such a young age drew attention.

Newspaper Article (1)
The Okinawa Times , December 6, 1988

A first in tradition - motivated to defuse Kyoto Tateshina Style Etiquettes.

An individual has stolen the spotlight by acquiring a kimono grand master certificate at the mere age of 20. Her name is Kaori Takara (21), last year's runner up to the Queen of Kimono competition, hailing from Anju 239 in Naha City. Takara, who has told to be ""…pursued the profound deepness of kimono fitting and the theory and practice of modern etiquette", has been honored with the title of "Kasho Takara, Iemoto IEMOTO (Grand Master) of Tateshina Style Etiquette". Shoka Yamamoto, the SOKE (Headmaster/Origin) of Kyoto Tateshina Style, arrived in Okinawa from Kyoto on the 4th to celebrate Takara's name-taking with concerned parties.

"There is a large amount of responsibility, but I will try my best (to fulfill this position)", Takara said after the Soke handed her the newly minted Iemoto IEMOTO certificate, an unprecedented event within the Tateshina style history.Takara's love of kimono which began with kimono fitting and etiquette lessons at the age of six eventually led to her attending lessons in Kyoto, under the tutelage of the Soke herself.

As Yamamoto sayids with expectations, "She is still young, this may be a heavy burden, however, and she is adequate to lighten that burden by using the strength she possesses. I hope that she not only popularizes the Tateshina Style, but also Japanese culture in general". Takara's mother, HIROKO, the headmaster of a kimono fitting school in Anju, also has hopes for her daughter. Delightedly, she spoke "It is going to get more difficult from now, but I hope that she devotes herself and does her best."

The news that such a young individual has acquired such a prestigious role stolen the headlines between the kimono parties, however, Kazuko Gibu, the chairman of Suehirokai has expressed that "although she (Tateyoshi) is still very young, I would like to support her as a colleague and spread the presence kimono beauty".

"I would like to use English and sign language to teach modern etiquette. I would also like for young women to become more familiar with the Japanese tradition of kimono. My work is to transform the image of kimono from something which is very rigid and formal, to something more practical. I even use pop music when teaching students how to walk properly.", says Tateyoshi, who is passionate to bring in "modern essenceise" into the traditional cultures.

(The Okinawa Times, December 6, 1988)


Picture of Certificate

May,1967 Born in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture as the youngest child to father Hajime Takara , and wife Hiroko.

1972 Hiroko.Began learning kimono fitting in kindergarten

1986 Received license to teach kimono fitting

Begins to proactively provide lectures in English and sign language to teach the rules of decorum and etiquette with a modern twist.

1994 Father passes away

1996 Marries and moves to Chiba Prefecture Husband opens a dental clinic

1997 Giving birth to daughter

1998 Giving birth to Son

2001 Mother passes away

2006 First and second eldest brothers passes away (13th anniversary of father's death)

2007 Third elder brother passes away (7th anniversary of mother's death)

2011 Moves to Tokyo

2012 establishes Kasho Corporation KK (7th anniversary of two elderly brother's death)

2013 Starts business overseas (13th anniversary of mother's death and 7th anniversary of third elderly brother's death)

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Kaori Ayabe(kasho)
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March 19th, 2012
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12F Itocia Office Building 2-7-1 Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0006
Major Business Areas
Providing lectures on modern etiquette (e.g. manners, table manners)
JPY 10,000,000